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Shamanic Constellation

Family/Systemic Constellation Therapy is an innovative approach to healing by understanding the dynamics and underlying connections between family members. This service helps to identify and resolve issues that have been passed down through generations, allowing for a healthier and more harmonious family dynamic. It is a powerful and effective way to bring greater understanding and healing to your family system.

Shamanic Constellation is an experiential form of healing that utilizes the power of the collective spirit and the connection of all things. It is different from Family Constellation in that it does not necessarily focus only on the representation of the family members/ancestors, and instead works also with energy within the circle and nature elements helping them to heal on a deeper level. The intention of the Shamanic Constellation is interactive healing that helps to uncover and heal the underlying root causes of physical, spiritual, and emotional issues.

Our experienced facilitators; Katharina from Serving Life and  Kiymet from Qualia introduce you to classical systemic and shamanic constellations and do 2 shamanic constellations with the participants. 

Constellations are set up on any theme that arises for participants.
You can participate as:
-A theme holder

-A participant to be a representative

-An observer
Regardless of the choice, everyone in the group receives healing benefits and insights, not only the issue holder.

"There are no coincidences in life. everything that happens, happens for a reason."

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