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Shamanic Healing

Long before modern-day medicine, shamans have been healing people spiritually, mentally, and physically. Shamanism, and shamanic healing, has been practiced in many cultures around the world, and is still popular today, with many seeking more traditional methods of healing.


The goal of shamanic healing is to work out the root of the problems and resolve them, with the help of a shaman — a spiritual healer — who guides the person through the process. Shamanic healing aims to cleanse the body, clear the energy field, restore balance to the physical, and focus the mind.

Shamanic healing can include the extraction of energetic intrusions from the body, curse unraveling, compassionate depossession, power animal retrieval, and soul retrieval. A shamanic practitioner also divines information, helps the spirits of the deceased to cross over, and performs ceremonies. Depending on the session, shamanic healing may cover different levels including past lives and different levels of the family tree. 

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is humankind’s most ancient spiritual practice. It is an ancient collection of traditions based on the act of voluntarily accessing and connecting to non-ordinary states — or spirit realms — for wisdom and healing. Shamanism is a way of life to connect with nature and all of creation.

What is a Shaman?

The word “shaman” comes from the Siberian Tungus tribe. And it means “ spiritual healer,” or, “ one who sees in the dark.” For shamans everything is alive, everything vibrates, which can be called energy, spirit, or consciousness. Shamans collect information from seen and unseen, and perform rituals and ceremonies to manifest healing and harmony for the individual and the community.

What is a Shamanic healing session?

On behalf of the client, the shamanic practitioner focuses on voluntarily and safely entering altered states of consciousness to contact very wise and compassionate spirits to aid in healing. With the aid of her teachers and helpers in spiritual reality, the shamanic practitioner brings back information and healing to restore spiritual power and health. From a shamanic perspective, symptoms such as lack of energy, weakness in the immune system, chronic illnesses, allergies, and depression can be caused by loss of vital energy and/or due to misplaced energies known as “energetic intrusions” or “spiritual pathogens”. Each practitioner has his/her own authentic rituals for the private and community healing sessions.

What is my role in your Shamanic healing session?

Before your arrival, a “sacred space” is set to welcome you at all dimensions and to have a discussion to open up for enhanced healing potential. You will be held in a respectable, non-judgmental, and confidential space. If you feel like not talking, this is accepted with respect as well.
During the session, I will be the intermediary, merging with the spirit realm and connecting with helping spirits to channel energies and wisdom to restore balance and harmony within you in this dimension.

How do you get prepared for your Shamanic healing session?

Shamanic healers know how to move and manipulate the energy that does not belong to you or to call in energy to assist you to return to wholeness, but true healing should take place inside the spirit of the individual. Your intention and your passion for your own healing are the major pillars of the session.
1. Reflect upon what is not working in your life now. Explain the things in your life you would like to see change, the trend, or the pattern. You do not need to give the history, but you can share if it helps you to become clear about what you want.
2. Please imagine your state of ideal well-being. Ask yourself, what does it feel like, look like, taste like, and smell like when I am in that ideal state of wellness?
3. Ask for messages in your dreams to help you prepare for your healing. From now until our session, every night before you go to sleep state your intention: “I want to receive a dream which will help me prepare for my shamanic healing, and to remember the dream.”
4. Please refrain from drinking alcohol and eating red meat 48 hours before and 24 hours after the session.

What is the duration and fee of a Shamanic healing session?

Each session can vary from a minimum of 90 minutes or more.

The fee is all about an exchange of value. The suggested fee is CHF 150.- or any amount the person feels is appropriate and is able to afford as an energy exchange for the healing work.

Sessions are held in English, French, or Turkish

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